Welcome Message


Welcome back to Elitetouan! We are so glad to receive you with open arms. We would like to thank each of you for your devotion and hard work. Our achievements last year show as follows:
Elitetouan candidates sitting Cambridge Exams for both FCE & CAE are constantly on the increase. In fact, this year’s results were amazing. (a detailed report can be accessed at Elitetouan website and Facebook page).
It is our pride of having one of our students chosen for the American “Space Camp” Competition programme,
Our students’ population is growing as ever because of their full trust in Elitetouan
Among ELI’s cultural events, the Halloween scary party was appealing for both students and their parents. (mass-participation/professional animation/music/dance/magic…)
All this explains that we are on the right path and committed to our very ambitious agenda. So, you will be amazed when you find out that Elitetouan has given itself a new facelift. Because we believe in better, Elitetouan has experienced a radical change on all levels. That’s why, we have tried professionally to change our programmes and our exams, and adopted the latest internationally recognized teaching methodologies.

Elitetouan purpose has always been “quality and excellence”, and we are totally committed to keeping up the pace of innovation. Therefore, we have now more comfortable & modern classes all equipped with new technologies (I.W.B, Smart T.Vs, Wi-Fi connection…) in order to facilitate the integration of The Information Communications Technology (ICT) in teaching. In other words, both teachers and taught will be able to access the most updated communities in the current digital world. We are aware that it is high time we offered a new environment and new opportunities to promote the quality and effectiveness of English. And we promise to organize more trips to interesting foreign destinations this year.
Finally, I wish you all a studious academic year, full of fun and hard work.
Good luck to you all!

CHARIF Mohamed Reda

CHARIF Mohamed Reda